The University Vice President, Prof. Mansour Assery opened the online program by welcoming everyone with his remarkable message. He acknowledged the selected twenty (20) researchers out of ninety-five (95) from postgraduate and undergraduate students within the university together with the other ones from Summer research program with participants from twenty-two (22) institutes. He also took the opportunity to express his deep gratitude for the great leadership and unlimited support of the respected Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery and the University President, Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani and of the collaboration of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR).

It was followed by listening to heartwarming presentation of the National Anthem and reading of the Holy Quran verses.

After these, the BOT Chairman carried on the REU Speech.

Dr. Tahani Al Rahbeni, Dean of College of Nursing and Director of Summer Research Program presented the Brief of Summer Research Program – its background, how did it start, what it consist of and its aim. She gave thanks to her whole supporting team and other related personnel who are in assistance with them.

The Keynote Speaker, the Patent Expert, Mr. Khalid Alashgar, cited then his valuable about the Intellectual Property.

Then, the presentation of the researches was evaluated by the judging committee who were Dr. Hesham Alsaigh, Consultant Orthodontist at KFMC, Dr. AlWaleed Abushanan, Asst. Professor of Pediatric Dentistry at PSAU and Dr. Faisal Ali Bin Abboud Alqhtan, Associate Consultant of Pediatric Dentistry and Head of OMFS Department at ABHA Maternity and Children Hospital.

After the evaluation, Dr. Deema Al Shammery, President of IADR Saudi Division and Director of Research Center presented the university research center’s achievements for the academic year 2021 which were the registered research in the university’s portal, the number of registered investigators also in the university’s portal, number of publications by faculty, number of publications by colleges (Applied Medical Science, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry), number of collaborations did by the university, the students’ achievements in multiple competitions and conferences inside and outside the kingdom and the University President Faculty Research Awards regarding High Impact Factor Journals and High ISI Publications Award.

The University President was also given his inspirational speech in accordance of the University President Faculty Research Awards.

At the latter part, Dr. Omar Alkadhi, Dean of Postgraduate Studies announced the result of the winners for the researches in each category.

The Vice-President was the one who closed the program.