Upcoming Events

  • 15 Apr
    Classes Resume (after Eid Al‐Fitr Holiday)
    15 Apr 2024
  • 24 Apr
    Replacement Exam for Mid Semester Assessment (all levels, all programs)
    24 Apr 2024
  • 27 Apr
    15TH Research Day
    27 Apr 2024

The Community Service and Sustainable Development Center seeks to contribute efficiently to managing organizational knowledge and resources and to motivate the university’s employees to effectively serve the community’s needs and achieve leadership and excellence.


Rooting the practices of volunteering and serving the community by offering educational, training, and awareness programs that suit all segments of society and contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

  1. Develop plans and reports to achieve qualitative development in the field of community service and consolidate the concept of sustainable development.
  2. Building strategic community partnerships with various governmental and private sectors that provide sustainable community services.
  3. Motivating the university’s employees to actively participate in community activities and work in a team spirit by providing a supportive and stimulating environment.
  4. Providing opportunities for continuous education in all fields by establishing and organizing training courses, seminars, and workshops, which contributes to the development of society and keeping pace with Vision 2030.
  5. Supporting distinguished initiatives in community partnership activities and sustainable development and building bridges of communication with experts.
  6. Exploiting all the university’s capabilities, facilities, and the human cadres’ skills.