Student Affairs - Riyadh Elm University

Upcoming Events

  • 23 Jun
    Start of the Internship Programs
    23 Jun 2024
  • 23 Jun
    Start of the Summer Clinical Training and PG
    23 Jun 2024
  • 23 Jun
    Start of the Summer Semester
    23 Jun 2024
  • 24 Jun
    Last day for adding and dropping courses for the Summer Course
    24 Jun 2024

Deanship of Student Affairs of Riyadh Elm University seeks to provide student services and activities in a way that contributes to creating an integrated university environment.

The Deanship also strive to achieve the university goals represented in preparing qualified human resources so as to meet the needs of the labor market and qualify students to serve the community.


Providing a wide range of student services and activities to make an integrated university environment, developing the students skills and refining their talents, urging the students to creativity and innovation ,and build their individual, intellectual and social personalities to contribute in development of society.


To be Distinguished in building and developing students’ capabilities, creative in student services and activities, And motivate students to interact positively in their local and global community.

  1. Providing cultural, social and sports care, and instilling the spirit of creative competition among them in these areas.
  2. Providing counseling, orientation and advisory services to students.
  3. Development of moral values and life skills among students.
  4. Deepening the love of university in students.
  5. Educating students and strengthening their sense of belonging to their country.
  6. Involving students in various volunteer works.
  7. Contribute in preparing a conscious generation and building balanced personalities cognitive, behavioral and skillful.
  8. Investing students’ energy  in fruitful work for the university and society.