The “Pain Management –Non Pharmacological Therapy” course was successfully conducted last June 11, 2022 via Zoom Webinar. It was presented by the Course Director, Dr. T.S. Mohamed Saleem, Assistant Professor in Pharmacology at Riyadh Elm University, College of Pharmacy. Dr. Hana AlKhabbaz, Dean, College of Pharmacy was very supportive and enthusiastically initiated the course to prosper which has been attended by participants in various medical fields.

The course summarized into core areas on distressing sensation and emotional experiences that considered as pain. Physiologically the pain perceived by the brain through series of sensory events responded quickly towards the painful stimuli. Based on three characteristics such as symptoms, mechanisms, and syndromes, which pain mainly classified by acute and chronic pain.

Whereas, the non-pharmacological management of pain intervention that does not involve the use of medications; the main target of non-pharmacological therapy is cognitive, affective, behavioral and socio-cultural dimensions of the pain. These interventions mainly decrease the fear and anxiety associated with pain. The advantage of non-pharmacological management is relatively safe and inexpensive. Non-pharmacological therapy typically characterized into 1) Physical (sensory) interventions, 2) Psychological interventions, 3) Spirituality and religion in pain management and 4) Music therapy.

Hence, the research on non-pharmacological methods to pain management is very essential and these remedies must be taken into attention to help and support the typical pharmacological management of pain.

Indeed, the course was very timely in the current situation that provides useful information to all the audience attended the webinar. Certificates were distributed along with the electronic evaluation to expand the course. The CE Center highly appreciates the whole team who contributed behind the success of the course.