About the College of Technology and Business

On behalf of the College of Technology and Business (CTB) at Riyadh Elm University, I am pleased to welcome you students, faculty members and our partners. The College of Technology and Business provides high-quality education to provide a trained workforce that possesses practical, digital and managerial skills to fill the current gap in the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. CTB focuses on providing the appropriate environment for education and innovation and preparing a promising generation to contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. CTB adopts the latest educational methods such as active learning to promote self-learning, teamwork, and effective critical thinking to solve problems. We encourage scientific research and innovation by providing a stimulating and attractive environment to achieve the goals of the college, university, and society. CTB always seeks to strengthen partnerships with universities and private sector companies to achieve the common goals of supporting research, providing job opportunities for students, and accessing expertise in the private sector to ensure the process of continuous improvement in educational programs.

We believe in the necessity of community partnership and offers many workshops and specialized training courses targeting various groups in society to spread awareness of various technical and administrative journals.

CTB awards a bachelor’s degree in two specializations: computer science (with two tracks: cybersecurity and health informatics) and the other specialization is health services and hospital management.

Dr. Sultan Ali Alasmari, PhD

College of Technology and Business


  1. Equipping male and female students with a strong scientific foundation based on training and practical experience in computer science and hospital management.
  2. Providing the labor market with male and female students specialized in in-demand fields such as cybersecurity, health informatics, and hospital administration.
  3. Strengthening cooperation and communication between the College of Technology and Business, other universities and the private sector.
  4. Effective contribution to community service.

Our Mission

The college of Technology and Business (CTB) provides high quality education to prepare students for professional careers and life-long learning by adopting effective teaching methods and solve real-world problems.