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  • 25 Jul
    Last day of the Summer Clinical Training and PG
    25 Jul 2024
  • 01 Aug
    Last Day of Withdrawal from the Summer Course
    1 Aug 2024
  • 06 Aug
    Start of the Final Exam
    6 Aug 2024
  • 08 Aug
    Last day of the Final Exam
    8 Aug 2024

The University is an ideal venue for learning. It boasts complete and up-to-date resources throughout its campus buildings with well-ventilated and comfortable classrooms, unflustered library facilities, modern audio-visual services, extensive computing, network facilities, well-equipped laboratories, and spacious modern lecture halls and auditoriums. Access to these resources makes time in REU a special privilege, although students have rights and responsibilities regarding their use.

To safeguard such resources’ integrity, the University expects its students to use them properly, with the utmost care and only authorized.

The University also expects them to respect others’ rights to access the same resources and observe the rules granting access to and use of those resources.

The University correspondingly assures the students comfortable and extensive access to all the facilities and equipment, including the necessary assistance for knowledge enhancement.

An Namuthajiyah Campus (Dental Teaching Hospital)

This is the main campus of REU, which is located on King Fahd Road in Riyadh city center. The building is equipped according to the latest technical specifications and scientific standards. It includes 305 fully equipped dental clinics, several digital radiology units, five operations rooms, laboratories, specialized educational laboratories, a theatre hall, and many classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual and electronic media. The building is dedicated to female students’ teaching and training in different programs (Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Clinical Laboratory Science, Dental Laboratory Technology, and Dental Assisting).

The Olaya Campus is the center for most postgraduate students’ activities. The building is equipped with dental clinics, digitalized record-keeping resources, offices for administration and faculty members, modern laboratories, a diagnostic routine histopathology laboratory, and lecture halls to use postgraduate students. Also, it contains 102 integrated dental units supported by sterilization and radiology sections.
Olaya Campus (Dental Teaching Hospital)
Munesiyah Campus (Dental Teaching Hospital)
The campus is equipped with dental clinics, modern lecture halls, laboratories, and a library to serve the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Also, it contains 163 integrated dental units on well-equipped designated floors.
This campus is designated for the preparatory studies for male students, located in the Qurtuba district. It is equipped with lecture halls, laboratories, a library, and offices for faculty members and administrators.
Qurtuba Campus