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  • 24 Apr
    Replacement Exam for Mid Semester Assessment (all levels, all programs)
    24 Apr 2024
  • 27 Apr
    15TH Research Day
    27 Apr 2024
  • 19 May
    Start of the Final Exam (Preparatory Courses)
    19 May 2024

In our current world, where cyber threats and attacks abound, there has become an urgent need for specialists who have a strong understanding of the principles and practices of security and protection.

Based on this principle, the College of Technology and Business at Riyadh Elm University launched the Cybersecurity Program to fill the need in the labor market in this important specialty.

The student learns cybersecurity skills, methods of protection against electronic attacks, and the correct practices to protect networks, systems, and information from electronic attacks of all kinds.

The student also learns how to develop systems and applications that are easy to use and secure.