This is a three – day event (November 11-13, 2019) where the Riyadh Elm University is one of the exhibitors the only private university in Riyadh were able to participate, the college of dentistry and the college of nursing joined together to represent our beloved REU. On the 1st and 2nd day a group of male interns from dentistry and group of level 6 students from nursing were there to accept the visitors’ queries and to discuss the simulation activities that conducting in REU, they received visitors from different colleges and universities from Riyadh and different regions. Our goal of participation is to explain how to apply health simulation in REU.

The highlight of the event was during 2nd day when the ceremony was being taken, the tour of MOH representatives to all participated universities’ booth. The honorable REU representatives, Vice Rector Mansour Assery, Dean Tahani Alrahbeni and Dr. Mohammad Saffan was there to give support.  So much pride indeed, the plaque of appreciation was received from the MOH for our respected Prof. Abdullah R. AlShammery the chairman of the board of trustee.

The last day a group of female dentistry interns and another group of nursing students from level 6 were present to stay in their allocated booth. They presented our facilities and simulation manikin. The visitors were delighted seeing the nursing and dentistry booth, they were able to do hands on like blood pressure and palpating pulse and heart beat on the simulation manikin (Juno) like a real human under the supervision of our students and staff. Aside from simulation activity many visitors showed interest to study in our university, bridging and masters.

The three-day participation in this prestigious event received a lot of positive feedback from approximately 150 visitors and most especially from the MOH representatives. Undoubtedly, this event was a remarkable success.

Acknowledgment to the participated students from Dentistry and Nursing for being active and smart. Appreciation also to all organizers headed by Dr. Abdulrahman Saffan, Nursing staff and Audio Visual. Most importantly to Dr. Abdulaziz A. AlShammery for providing the excellent set up for our REU booth and for his hard worked to make it possible to be ready on time for the event.