On the second and last week of presentation of the dentistry postgraduate students for the multidisciplinary seminar for this month, the presenters were the following:

September 16, 2018 (second week), Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Mani – AGD/DPH for the topic “To Cord or Not to Cord in Gingival Displacement A Controversy”, Dr.  Abdullah Zain Alharbi – Resto for “Patient Satisfaction with Aesthetic Treatment” and Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Almozher – AGD for “CAD / CAM Review and Clinical Experience in Munesiyah Campus”.

September 30, 2018 (last week), Dr. Maha Suliman Mezied – Prostho  for the topic “Xerostomia”, Dr.  Ali Essa Alhijab – Pedo for “Transition of the Child Patients with Sickle Cell Anemia to Adult Dentistry” and Dr. Talal Sannat Alsamairi – Endo for “CBCT: Multidisciplinary Role in Dentistry”.

These were all supervised by Dr. Faisal Al Rasheed, Prof. Roula Al Bounni, Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee, Dr. Sharat Pani and Prof. Saad Al Nazhanand were moderated by  Dr. Nada Abdulrhman Shokair – R2 Resto and Dr. Bassam Fahmi AlZayer – R3 OMFS.

The program directors, department heads, faculty members, and graduate residents were given the chance to clarify and to give comments towards better understanding of the subjects discussed and the presenters smoothly handled them with the full assistance of their supervisors.