In the last two sessions of September, the multidisciplinary seminar of dentistry postgraduate students get exciting. The presenters were the following:

September 15, 2019 (second week), Dr. Bandar Hamdan Alsuwayt – Prostho for the topic “Recent Applications of CAD/CAM in Dentistry”, Dr. Ola Adnan Alqahtani – Endo for “3D Printing in Dentistry” and Dr. Faisal Mohammed Alhazmi – AGD  for “Compromised Teeth: When and How to Restore?”

September 29, 2019 (last week), Dr. Daniah Hassan Al Khayyat – Ortho  for the topic “Facial Treatment Simulation”, Dr. Abdulaziz Othman Alyahyawi – Pedo for “The Pre-Surgical Management of Non-Syndromic Cleft Lip and Palate” and Dr. Al Joharah Ahmed Al Faqeeh- AGD/DPH for “Repair or Replace”.

These were all supervised by Dr. Mohammed Rayyan, Dr. Ammar Abu Mostafa, Dr. Faisal Al Rasheed, Dr. Omar Al Kadhi, Dr. AlWaleed Abushanan and Dr. Iman ElMansy and were moderated by Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Alamri – Resto and Dr. Reham Mohammed Aljudaibi – Pedo.

The program directors, department heads, faculty members, and graduate residents gave valuable insights and comments for better understanding of their topics discussed and the presenters knowledgeably responded them with the assistance of their supervisors.