Student Activities - Riyadh Elm University

Upcoming Events

  • 25 Jul
    Last day of the Summer Clinical Training and PG
    25 Jul 2024
  • 01 Aug
    Last Day of Withdrawal from the Summer Course
    1 Aug 2024
  • 06 Aug
    Start of the Final Exam
    6 Aug 2024
  • 08 Aug
    Last day of the Final Exam
    8 Aug 2024

Student Activity Clubs are considered an important forum for discovering and developing talents, encourage innovation and creativity among students, as it contributes to uncovering students’ talents, developing them, develop personality and encourage them to be creative and innovative in various fields.


Commitment in providing student activities which in turn contribute to building an integrated educational environment for academic achievement, training, developing dialogue skills, learning methods, distinction, creativity, participation in decision-making, teamwork, community service, and practicing various cultural, social, sports and artistic activities.


A positive educational environment that has a positive impact on refining students ’personality and employing it in fruitful and beneficial works, in addition to student partnership to build personal, professional and leadership skills and develop their creative capabilities to be in the forefront of educational institutions at the local, regional, and global level.

  1. Distinction
  2. Equal opportunity
  3. Pride
  4. Creativity and innovation
  5. Participation and teamwork
Tasks of Student Activities Committee
  1. Organizing and participating in social, cultural and sports activities.
  2. Selecting student activity representatives and coordinating activity programs for lectures, seminars, and the like.
  3. Coordinating activities and setting deadlines in a manner suitable for male and female students.
  4. Supervising the celebrations of the various university events related to student activities.
  5. Coordination with facilities deanship and representatives of the activity regarding student activities.
  6. Developing a plan for student activities for the academic year and proposing the required budget.
  7. Prepare a quarterly report on student activities and submit it to the University President and Deans of Faculties.