Riyadh Elm University (REU) started welcoming its new academic year, 2018-2019 by the very warm greeting of the new Rector, Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani to everyone, especially the respected Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He took the opportunity to welcome as well the new team of the university and the new faculty members in the different programs.

He highlighted the achievements received after its transition from colleges to a university. The first thing was having admission in several departments. The second one is the e-register which helps everybody more easier in proceeding to the whole system and the last one is the starting of the new programs which arethe Nursing Program in two levels, the Dental Laboratory Female Technician Program and the Dental Assistant Program.

It was followed by Prof. Al Shammery who also extended his welcome greeting and congratulating all the colleagues. He gave some positive comments for the new status as a universityfor the new academic year. He said it will lead to everybody to improve himselfand his system and to strengthen its positives and improve its weaknesses to be ready to compete with government universities and other private universities for it was already built its own system in a private language with quality and commitment link to the economy.

Then, the Vice-Rector, Deans, Vice-Deans, Professors in each program who were assigned in their new positions (Dr. Mansour Assery, Vice Rector for Postgraduate studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Jamal Al Sanea, Dean of Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee, Dean of College of Dentistry, Deema AlShammery, Vice- Dean of College of Dentistry, Dr. Kais Al Obaidi, Dean of College of Pharmacy,  Dr. Hanna Al Kabbaz, Vice-Dean of College of Pharmacy, Dr. Tahani AlRahbeni, Dean of College of Nursing, Dr. May Khudairy, Dean of College of Medical Applied Science ) and the new assigned ones (Dr. Sarah Mubaraki, Director of Admission and Registration for Female Students Affairs, Dr. Sultan Alrimal, Director of Admission and Registration for Male Students Affairs) were all given the chance to give their short messages and comments and to welcome the new faculties and staffs.

After allthese, the open forum and discussion went on with different informative and valuable comments by some of other colleagues in the last several minutes.

Lastly, the Rector closed the meeting by extending his gratitude to everyone and encouraged him or her to be ready for the starting of the classes by the next week.