The symposium was began by the University President, Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani with his deep acknowledgment to all the colleagues for the remarkable efforts done for the current academic year despite the pandemic situation. He took as well the opportunity to give briefing of the preparation for the second semester.

A heartwarming words of gratitude was extended from the respected Board of Trustees Chairman, Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery to all for the perseverance and dedication to their duties the whole semester in the face of the said unfavorable situation. He clearly declared that the learning and teaching in the university will remain distant and he then asked each one’s cooperation to put safety as his or her number one concern.

Academic Advising to the Students was thoroughly discussed first by the introductory information cited by the Quality Assurance Accreditation Center Chairman, Prof. Mohammed Al Omari. It was followed by the Deans in each department (Dr. Mohammad Al Rafee, Dean, College of Dentistry, Dr. Hana Al Khabbas, Deans, College of Pharmacy, Dr. Tahani Al Rahbeni, Dean College of Nursing and Dr. May Al Khudairy, Dean, Applied Medical Sciences) and the REU Academic Advisor Coordinator, Dr. Hanan Kamal who had shared with their valuable insights through reports collected, major obstacles and hurdles they encountered during the advising and the responses/feedbacks gained from the students. Then after, follow up comments from the President was added. There were few from the faculty had also given essential comments. All of these had essentially complemented the whole discussion.

At the end, the university Vice-President, Dr. Mansour Assery, acknowledged the presence and participation of everybody as his closing remark.