Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, the respected Rector, warmly opened the symposium through welcoming with an overwhelming appreciation of the efforts done by the colleagues (Deans, Vice-Deans, Department Chairmen, Faculties and other contributing staffs) in the present semester. He also took the opportunity to congratulate Dr. Cristalle Soman Dr. Sultan Binalrimal, Dr. Abdulrahman Saffan, Dr. Marwa Eltayeb, and Dr. Ateet Khakti, who were promoted from lecturer to Assistant Professor. Moreover, he mentioned that there will be expected promotion of other set of faculties from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor on the following week.

He continued by presenting the performance of REU graduates in the Saudi Dental Licensure Examination (SDLE) in which he emphasized that there was a progress in class 20 associating to the previous class19 which is a good sign because of lots of efforts done to improve the Internship Program by its committee, headed by Dr. Lilibeth Gaffud and Dr. Ghada Al Otaibi.

Succeedingly, Dr. Mansour Assery, the Vice-Rector extend as well his deep congratulations to the achievers and shared his brief but inspiring message relating to his memorable experience during his promotion from a Lecturer to Associate Professor at King Saud University. He left an encouragement to everyone and gave Dr. Omar Alkhadhi, Dean of Postgraduate Studies the chance to shortly discuss his department update.

He tackled the role of each faculty in the postgraduate studies, how it helps and how it would be beneficial to each one. He said these all will be based on the new thesis guidelines and through this processes, students will be able to make and defend their thesis.

It was followed by Dr. Sarah Mubaraki, the Director of Admission and Registration for Female Students Affairs who conferred some related issues happened during the semester regarding registration (student registration, attendance, grade encoding and electronic learning system measure). After these, she gave thanks to the administration and faculty and her team for the continuous help and support.

Later on, discussion and forum of the faculty and other colleagues went on. Prof. Mohammed Al Omari, Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center, Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee, Dean of College of Dentistry, Dr. Osama Al Mugeiren, Chairman of Preventive Dentistry and others have given their essential comments and insights.

The Vice-Rector was the one who took over the closing remarks.