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Upcoming Events

  • 25 Jul
    Last day of the Summer Clinical Training and PG
    25 Jul 2024
  • 01 Aug
    Last Day of Withdrawal from the Summer Course
    1 Aug 2024
  • 06 Aug
    Start of the Final Exam
    6 Aug 2024
  • 08 Aug
    Last day of the Final Exam
    8 Aug 2024

Dr. Deema Ali Al Shammery

Welcome to the Riyadh Elm University Research Center website! The future of Science survives with the creation of new knowledge and technology as well as its rapid translation into real-life applications and patient care. The mission of the Research Center in Riyadh Elm University is to provide a stimulating environment for scientific research and continuous support ‎for faculty and student ‎researchers.

REU Research Center’s multidisciplinary research program covers a broad spectrum, from the most basic investigation into the nature of molecules, cells and tissues, to the development of innovative devices for clinical/dental applications and pharmaceutical drug discovery.

REU Research Center encourages translational research projects in genomics, stem cells, gene therapy, and nanoparticles present new opportunities. All faculty members and students in REU are active contributors to knowledge through integrated research activities. These interdisciplinary efforts are fostered by a unique, dynamic culture of collaboration, curiosity and ambition at REU that promotes and accelerates innovative, groundbreaking discovery. We will continue to lay groundwork for new discoveries for this and future generations.