The Multidisciplinary Seminar sessions in the month of December makes headway through the inspired Master Student presenters accordingly to such schedules which moderated by their three (3) fellow Master students who were  Dr. Danyh Emad Abduljawad (Prostho), Dr.  Mohammed Jamal Barry (Pedo) and Dr.  Helayl Awadh AlShaibani (Endo).

On the first week, Dec 2, 2018 , were Dr.  Mohammed Abdulrahman Alghamdi (Resto) for “Dental Sensitivity After Bleaching (Predisposing & Management)”. It was followed Dr.  May Abdulwahab Almugait (Endo) for “The Role of Virtual Reality Distraction in Managing Dental Anxiety and Pain Perception”, Dr.  Suha Saeed Mutlaq (AGD) for  “Teledentistry” and Dr. Majdi Saleem Abu Ramadan (Prostho) for “Management of Extremely Worn Dentition“.

The next week, Dec 9, 2018 were Dr.  Ahmed Ali Ghubayri (AGD/DPH) for the “The Evasive Nature of Atypical Odontalgia (AO) What Dental Practitioners Need to Know?”, Dr.  Rayan Abdulhakim Waznah (AGD/DPH) for “Down Syndrome in Dentistry” and Dr.   Hanan Abdullah Almozher (Perio) for “Platelet-Rich Fibrin Application in Regenerative Dentistry”.

Dr. Sharifah Abdulrahman Alghamdi (Resto) for “Effect of Resin Cements Shade on the Prosthesis Color”, Dr. Salah Mohammed Abduljabbar (Endo) for “Myths and Facts in Treating Pregnant Dental Patient”,  and   Dr. Waleed Al Malki (AGD/DPH) for “Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) in Clinical Dental Practice” on Dec 16, 2018 which was third and last week.

These all were supportively and valuably supervised by Prof. Roula Al Bounni, Dr. Ammar Abu Mostafa, Dr. Osamah M. Al Mugeiren, Dr. Khaled Al Zahrani with his Co-Supervisor Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee, Dr. May Al Khudhairy, Dr. Faisal Al Rasheed and Prof. Sami Shafik .