Dr. Sultan bin Rakeeb Al-Rimal

Dean, Student Affairs

We would like to welcome all students of Riyadh Elm University on behalf of all employees of the Deanship of Student Affairs, wishing them promising future that is abundance with skills and knowledge that qualify them in building our beloved nation.

Deanship of Student Affairs is considered one of the important deanships and main fixed pillars at the university, and this due to its close association with the students.

Deanship of Student Affairs bear responsibility for university student life by preparing various programs and services in order to develop their personality and help them overcome any obstacles that may hinder their academic career, in line with vision, mission, and objectives of the deanship. Also, the Deanship devotes its efforts to provide intellectual, cultural, artistic, sports, social and instructional activities that contribute to the formation of a balanced and integrated personality for university students and to achieve its vision to reach creativity in all fields, bearing in mind providing service to all students.

Riyadh Elm University invites all its dear students to devote their energies and efforts at this university, practice their hobbies and acquire new skills, so as to have a role in building our beloved nation using knowledge and skill.

Wishing you the best of luck.