Dr. Osamah M. AlMugeiren

Vice Dean, College of Medicine and Dentistry

Vice Dean – College of Medicine and Dentistry

I would like to welcome you to the College of Medicine and Dentistry at Riyadh Elm University.

The College Vice Deanship Office oversees the college’s academic departments, in terms of different aspects, such as the educational, training, and quality assurance aspects, being led by the College and University vision. A vision of becoming a preeminent educational institution locally, regionally and internationally.

Our Goal is to empower our students through the most updated knowledge, and Training within the Programs, to ensure the continuity of producing a promising generation to our country, armed with science, developed with leadership skills, passionate towards scientific research and effective to the community.

Along with my colleagues, the College Faculty Members, we aim to apply the highest quality standards of the Educational Process, all of which entitles our Students to meet the needs of the labour market and to align the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030.