Dr. Hana Jafar AlKhabaz

Dean, College of Pharmacy

Dean of College of Pharmacy

Welcome to the college of Pharmacy, Riyadh Elm University. Our Nationally accredited five-year professional degree program leading to the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Degree combines motivational and engaging basic science and clinical courses, that begin to shape the students as practitioners, and concludes with 6 months of diverse professional practice experiences in different patient care settings, pharmaceutical industry, drug regulatory affairs, scientific research, and community service.

These experiences shall prepare our graduates for fulfilling careers in a yet diverse pharmaceutical care settings that meets the needs of the National Job Market.

Apart from the study, the college provides the opportunity to students to take part in the Co-Curricular activities which includes personality development by sharpen their communication skills and expression skills. The students through co-curricular activities learn essential ethical values, discipline and life ethics.

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