Dr. Ammar Abu Mustafa

Director, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center

Director’s Message

Quality Assurance has become an integral part of higher education in recent years. Since the establishment of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center (QAAC) in 2008, REU has expressed a strong desire to improve educational quality and comply with the recommended national and international standards. REU is committed to educational excellence by continuous improvement and implementation of best practices in all aspects.

Quality assurance in REU is an ongoing administrative and procedural activity carried out through a robust quality management system. The QAAC continuously works with university-wide affiliated colleges to improve program outcomes, teaching strategies, curricula, and advancement of scientific research and community engagement.

Recently, the Ministry of Education and the accreditation bodies’ requirements have succeeded in developing the education sector in line with the Kingdom’s vision for 2030 and the direction of internationalization.

Rigorous quality assurance activity in higher education university is a strong force for achieving its mission and vision. It serves to achieve transparency, accountability, and the publicity of the University. Quality assurance at REU encompasses careful and continuous monitoring of inputs, processes, and outcomes of the university’s educational aspects. In all its work areas, REU places a high priority on quality assurance. Consequently, the QAAC was established to develop, implement, and guarantee university-wide quality assurance.