Multidisciplinary Seminar in the month of November ongoing on its progress. Productively, presenters were giving their bests to bring out the following topics:

First week, November 4, were “Focal Infection Theory: Debate in Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Abdulaziz Sarhan Alshammari (Perio), under supervision of Prof. Sanaa Shafshak, “Overview of Contemporary Luting Agents and Clinical Relevance” presented by Dr. Saleh Mohammed Almuneef (Resto) supervised by Prof. Roula Albounni, and “Pulpal Response After Luxation Injuries in Permanent Dentition” by Hatim Mohammed Alhefzi (Endo) and supervised by Prof. Saad Al Nazhan.

On the second week, November 11 were “Osseodensification: Implant Osteotomy Preparation”, presented by Dr Khalid Waleed Sadig (Prostho) supervised Dr. Iyad Ghonaim, “Dental Management of a Young Adult with ADHD under General Anesthesia”, presented by Dr. Faisal Mohammed Abed (Pedo) supervised by Dr. Sharat Pani and “How Serious Odontogenic inFections Can Be? And How to Approach Them?”, presented by Dr. Bassam Fahmi Al Zayer (OMFS) and supervised by Dr. Raed Salma.

On the third week, November 18 were “Maxillofacial Prosthetic: An Overview”, presented by Dr. Mowaffaq Abdullhamed Shafi (Prostho) supervised by Dr. Adel Al Huzaimi, “Multidisciplinary Approach for Periodontics and Orthodontics Treatment Plan”, presented by Dr. Rahma Abdullah Almahdi (Perio) supervised by Prof. Sanaa Shafshak and “Effect of Emotional Stress in the Oral Tissue”, presented by Dr. Bandar Mohammed Almaez (AGD/DPH) supervised by Prof. Sanaa Shafshak as well.

At the last week, November 25 were “Dental Recare System”, presented by Dr. Naif Mohammad Almunajjed (Resto) supervised by Prof. Roula Al Bounni with her Co-Supervisor Dr. Iman El Mansy, “Short Clinical Anterior Crown (Causes & Management)”, presented by Dr. Mohammed Saeed AlAmri (AGD/DPH) supervised by Prof. Roula Al Bounni, “Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation: An Overview”, presented by Dr. Mohammed Jamal Mahmoud Barry (Pedo) and supervised by Dr. Sarah Mubaraki.

These all were moderated by Dr. Khalid Waleed Mahmaoud Sadig (Prostho), Dr. Abdullah Zain Al Harbi (Resto), Dr. Maha Suliman Mezied (Prostho) and Dr. Rayan Abdulhakim Waznah (AGD/DPH).