Several presentations of Multidisciplinary Seminar in the month of October continued!

On its first week, October 6, 2018 were “Iatrogenic Effect of Dental Treatment on Aesthetic Aspect”, presented by Dr. Asma Mohammed Alzabin – Resto, supervised by Prof. Roula Al Bouni, “Disorder (ADHD) A Dental Perspective”, presented by Dr. Galiah Husam Aljefri – Pedo, supervised by Dr. AlWaleed Abushanan, and “Implant in Esthetic Zone”, presented by Dr. Abdulrahman Khalid Alissa – Prostho, supervised by Dr. Khalid Kareem.

On the following week, October 13, 2018 were “Proximal Contacts in Dentistry An Overview”, presented by Dr. Sarah Tarek Ahmed – Prostho, supervised by Dr. Mohammed Al-Rafee, “Black Triangle Dilemma and Management”, presented by Dr. Naif Khalid Al Malik – Ortho, supervised by Dr. Omar Al Kadhi, and “Communication Strategies in Dental Practice”, presented by Dr. Mlook Ghazi Al Otaibi -Perio and Dr. Suad Soliman Al Khowaiter – Resto, supervised by Prof. Roula Al Bounni.

Then, on the third week, October 20, 2018 were “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Khalid Yanullah Alqahtani – Endo, supervised by Dr. Shibu Mathew, and “Professional Burnout Among Dentists”, presented by Dr. Abdulaziz Mohammad Alarfj – AGD, supervised by Dr. Faisal Al Rasheed and Dr. Iman ElMansy.

And at the last week, October 27, 2018 were “Photodynamic Therapy in Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Dina Ghalib Mufti – Endo, supervised by Dr. Ammar Abu Mostafa, “Periodontal Disease as a Potential Risk Factor for Systemic Disease”, presented by Dr. Mohammad Mheza Al Harbi – Perio, supervised by Dr. Rakan Shaheen and “Endocrowns for the Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth”, presented by Dr. Ali Saleh Al Qahtani – Prostho, supervised by Dr. Mohammed Rayyan.

These were all the moderated by Dr. Mamdouh Abdullah AlShammeri – Perio, Dr. Hassan Mohammed Asseri – Prostho, Dr. Abdulhakim Mohammad Al Ghamdi – Endo and Dr. Rehab Mohammed AlHossaini – Perio.