Multidisciplinary Seminar in the month of October, held in Riyadh Elm University (REU) continued on its numerous presentations:

In its first week, October 7, 2018 were “Magnification Assisted Dentistry”, presented by Hala Nafiz Almoqayyad – Endodontic, supervised by Dr. Ammar Abu Mostafa, “Validity of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in Endodontic-Prosthodontic Lesions”, presented by Dr. Fawaz Hamad Alkazman – Periodontic and Dr. Hadi Rajeh Alfahadi – Endodontic, supervised by Prof. Sami Shafik and Prof. Saad Al Nazhan, “Dental Stains (Causes and Management)”, presented by Dr. Salman Abdulrahman Alkallabi – AGD/DPH, supervised by Prof. Raula Al Bounni and “Digital Analysis and Emotions in Esthetic Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Mohammed Ahmad Al Ostaz – Prostho, supervised by  Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee.

On the following week, October 21, 2018 were “Accidental Extrusion of Sodium Hypochlorite during Endodontic Treatment”, presented by Dr. Hind Fadhel Abuhulaibah – Endodontic, supervised by Prof. Saad Al Nazhan, “Botox. A Healing Toxin Dental and Maxillofacial Applications”, presented by Dr.  Ahmad Salem Assari – OMFS and Abdulrahman Abdullah AlBakr – AGD/DPH, supervised by Dr. Raed Salma and Dr. Faisal Al Rasheed, and “Ethics in Dentistry”, presented by Dr.  Arafat M Alhalees – AGD, supervised by Dr. Mohammad Abdul Baseer.

At the last week, October 28, 2018 were “Vertical Dimension of the Face”, presented by Dr.  Lujain Bawazir – Orthodontic, supervised by Dr. Jamal Al Sanea, “Complications and Failures in Porcelain Laminated Veneer”, presented by Dr.  Danyh Emad Abduljawad – Prosthodontic, supervised by Dr. Mohammed Al-Rafee.

Dr. Ahmad Salem Assari – R3 OMFS , Dr. Shaden Fahad Aljabr R2-Periodontic and Dr. Ali Barakat R2-Restorative were all the moderators.