Riyadh Elm University has conducted its important meeting for the Presentation Training Program in collaboration with the Saned Dent Company for Batch 19 Dental Interns on January 19, 2020, at the ground floor, Theater Hall, South tower.

Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Riyadh Elm University warmly welcomed everyone and requested Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, Rector of Riyadh Elm University, Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee and Dr. Omar Alkhadhi to impart their messages in connection with the event.

He began by giving questions to the dental interns regarding two categories. One was intended to those who have jobs waiting for them, and the other one was to those who are sure to be accepted for Postgraduate studies in year 2020-2021.

Then, he started the presentation and the first point was the Ministry of Labor Promulgation. He followed it by tackling of the two training programs which are the One-Year Postgraduate Clinical Attachment Preparation Program and the Six-Month Clinical Training Preparation for Private Practice. These were both have their objectives, requirements, places of training and durations.

After these things, discussion went on through raising some questions from the Batch 19 Dental Interns (male and female). The BOT Chairman gave his valuable comments and insights in respond to their queries and concerns.

At the latter part, the BOT Chairman gave emphasis on the timeline of the said training preparation programs where in there were links given to the dental interns for them to apply to the program that they prefer.

He ended by acknowledgment of the audience for their presence and participation.