REU Continuing Education Center (CEC) organized 2-Days workshop “Direct & Indirect Esthetic Restorations” last February 14-15, 2020 held at An Namuthajiyah Campus with seats sold for less than a month announcement.

The workshop is designed to train residents, general dental practitioners and senior dental students on mastering esthetic anterior and posterior direct & indirect restorations. The sessions form a comprehensive course covering the lectures and hands-on activities: Day-1 includes the introduction to minimally invasive dentistry; step-by-step rubber dam/quadrant isolation techniques; anterior esthetic restoration guidelines Class IV layering techniques, effects and tints; posterior esthetic restorations guidelines and simplified anatomical layering techniques; hands-on training in esthetic Class IV and Class II composite restorations, matrixing systems and polishing techniques; tips and tricks for daily clinical situations and predictable esthetic and functional outcomes. Day-2 consists of comprehensive review of ceramic materials; understand the indication and contraindication of indirect restoration practice Inlay, Onlay, Endocrown design preparation; and practice how to do temporization, and to choose the correct cement and to understand the steps of cementation steps.

Participants were exuberance throughout the 2-days activities acquiring the high expectations in didactic and hands-on training from the well-qualified speakers/instructors team with man-to-man basis supervision.

Indeed, the course was successfully executed by the combined efforts of Speakers/Instructors Team, Dr. Wassem Radwan, Dr. Khaled Alqhulikah, Dr. Sultan Al Shamrani, and Dr. Mohammed Abu Hassna; and the Administration and Organizers Team headed by Ms. Cherry Jabines, the course event coordinator.