As the semester ends, the dentistry postgraduate students have shown their remarkable capability in their Multidisciplinary Seminar November and December sessions. Their presentations went on essentially and successfully according to the following schedules:

In the Month of November were:

First week, (Nov 7), “Proximal Enamel Thickness “, presented by Dr. Noura Khalid Mohammad AlWatban (Pedo), under the supervision of Dr. Sunil Babu Kotha, “Host Modulation Therapy” presented by Dr. Abdulkarim Mousa Basha (Perio), supervised by Dr. Rakaan Shaheen, “Supraeruption of Teeth: Overview and Management” presented by Dr. Saleh Mohammed Algharni (Prostho), supervised by Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee and “Palatogingival Groove The Silent Killer” which was presented by Dr. Fayez Aied Fayez Alshehri (Resto) and with the supervision of Dr. Abdulaziz Al Talhi.

Second week, (Nov 14), “Botox, The Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder”, presented by Dr. Alanoud Fahad Abdullah Bin Muammar (Resto), supervised Dr. Waseem Radwan, “Hypodontia: An Overview”, presented by Dr. Abdullah Saleh Alsamani (Pedo), supervised by Dr. Sunil Babu Kotha and “Pocket Depth and Clinical Attachment Loss for Accurate Diagnosis”, presented by Dr. Abdullah Saliman Banakhr (Perio) and supervised by Dr. Rakan Shaheen.

Third week, (Nov 21) were “Dental Record Documentation and Consents: The Legal Nightmare of Dental Practices”, presented by Dr. Munira Nasser Said Dawood (Ortho) supervised by Dr. Eman Fatani, “Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Nour Ghazi Alshawan (Endo) supervised by Dr. Shibu Mathew and “Oral Health Problems in Autism and Strategies of Care”, presented by Dr. Noor Ataf Ali AlAswad (Pedo) supervised by Dr. AlWaleed Abushanan.

In the Month of December were:

First week, (Dec 5), “New Era of Dental Marketing”, presented by Dr. Adel Hadi Salem Alenezi (Resto), under the supervision of Prof. Roula S. Albounni and “Obstructive Sleep Apnea : Mystery to Dentists” presented by Dr. Sarah Abdullah Alshehri (Pedo) and supervised by Dr. Sunil Babu Kotha.

Second week, (Dec 12), “Advanced Anesthetic Technique (Single Tooth Anesthesia)”, presented by Dr. Rawan Adil Mohammed Hashim (Pedo), supervised Dr. Sara Mubaraki, “Bruxism: Theories, Assessment and Management”, presented by Dr. Bayan Abdulrahman Khazem Alasmari (Perio), supervised by Dr. Osamah Almugeiren, “Limited and Excessive Restorative Space”, presented by Dr. Waleed Raji Almutairi (Prostho) supervised by Dr. Abdullah Bin Assfour and “The Importance of Social Media in Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Rawan Meshal S Alotaibi (Endo) and supervised by Dr. Dalia Alharith.

At the last week, (Dec 26) were “Free Metal Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Bader Mashaan Alshammari (AGD), supervised by Prof. Roula Al Bounni, “Burnout in Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Maha FawazAbdullah Alnufaiei (Resto), supervised by Dr. Waseem Radwan, and “Maxillary Medline Diastema Overview and Management”, presented by Dr. Bader Motlaq Mezel Alazemi (Prostho) and supervised by Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee .

These all were responsibly and smoothly moderated by Dr. Lulya Mohammed Omar Alzain (Pedo), Dr. Munira Nasser Said Dawood (Ortho) and Dr. Maha Fawaz Abdullah Alnufaiei (Resto) who were assigned for the month of November and Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Abdulkarim Alghafees (Prostho), Dr. Fouz Abdulaziz Alsaggabi (AGD) and Dr. Mohammed Hassan Alali (Ortho) for the month of December.