About the Deanship of Student Affairs

Deanship of Student Affairs of Riyadh Elm University seeks to provide student services and activities in a way that contributes to creating an integrated university environment. The Deanship also strive to achieve the university goals represented in preparing qualified human resources so as to meet the needs of the labor market and qualify students to serve the community.


Providing a wide range of student services and activities to make an integrated university environment, developing the students skills and refining their talents, urging the students to creativity and innovation ,and build their individual, intellectual and social personalities to contribute in development of society.


To be Distinguished in building and developing students’ capabilities, creative in student services and activities, And motivate students to interact positively in their local and global community.


  1. Providing cultural, social and sports care, and instilling the spirit of creative competition among them in these areas.
  2. Providing counseling, orientation and advisory services to students.
  3. Development of moral values and life skills among students.
  4. Deepening the love of university in students.
  5. Educating students and strengthening their sense of belonging to their country.
  6. Involving students in various volunteer works.
  7. Contribute in preparing a conscious generation and building balanced personalities cognitive, behavioral and skillful.
  8. Investing students’ energy  in fruitful work for the university and society.

Dean's Message

Dr. Sultan bin Rakeeb Al-Rimal
Dean, Student Affairs

We would like to welcome all students of Riyadh Elm University on behalf of all employees of the Deanship of Student Affairs, wishing them promising future that is abundance with skills and knowledge that qualify them in building our beloved nation.

Deanship of Student Affairs is considered one of the important deanships and main fixed pillars at the university, and this due to its close association with the students.

Deanship of Student Affairs bear responsibility for university student life by preparing various programs and services in order to develop their personality and help them overcome any obstacles that may hinder their academic career, in line with vision, mission, and objectives of the deanship. Also, the Deanship devotes its efforts to provide intellectual, cultural, artistic, sports, social and instructional activities that contribute to the formation of a balanced and integrated personality for university students and to achieve its vision to reach creativity in all fields, bearing in mind providing service to all students.

Riyadh Elm University invites all its dear students to devote their energies and efforts at this university, practice their hobbies and acquire new skills, so as to have a role in building our beloved nation using knowledge and skill.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Vice Dean's Message

We would like to welcome all students of Riyadh Elm University wishing them more success and progress.

Deanship of Student Affairs is is interested in documenting the relationship between it and university students, building bridges of honesty and trust to meet their requirements and needs, and making the educational process interactive in which students are partners in success and have an effective role, and it is also keen to develop the spirit of creativity and innovation and encourage teamwork through the multiple activities and programs offered to them With the aim of developing their personality in a balanced way that combines distinguished academic achievement and creativity in all fields, which qualifies them for advancement locally and regionally.

I wish all students success and a university life full of achievement and success.

Dr. Asma Saleh Almeslet
Vice Dean, Student Affairs


Riyadh Elm University provides conditions for adapting to the university environment and its requirements, as it plays a great role distinguished by the necessary services such as libraries, nutrition, health care and additional services.

Libraries and Libraries services:

At Riyadh Elm University, there are three libraries in the various university buildings, which operate from 7:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. the libraries facilitate access to reference services in the educational, scientific and research process by providing its services to the beneficiaries of students, faculty members and administrators. The libraries contain more than ten thousand books and a large collection of university theses and scientific journals.
  1. Helping students to make use of information resources.
  2. Help in using the research tools available in the library that are difficult for some to use.
  3. Respond to students’ inquiries and faculty members.
  4. Helping students to enter the e-learning portal as well as the digital library.
  5. Borrowing according to the announced conditions.
  6. Printing
  7. Using computers as all the devices in the libraries, as all devices in the libraries are equipped with an Internet connection service.

Health Services

Health Services are provided to all university students and employees, if necessary. The University Hospital at Riyadh Elm University includes a room with two beds, a device for observing vital signs, a blood glucose meter, a thermometer and a weight meter, in addition to it is equipped with drugs and oxygen. Two female doctors and a nurse are employed to provide health services to students, and these services are represented as follows:
  1. Preparing a file for the student containing complete medical information (diagnosis of the case, medicines he/she uses, the hospital in he/she following as well as medical services provided to them and ID number).
  2. Providing immediate medical attention to students and all university employee.
  3. Dispending the necessary medicines by following up on the doctor supervising the case.
  4. Preparing medical reports for students’ cases and submitting hem to the university administration.
  5. Special follow-up of students and the health status.
  6. Providing first aid for critical cases and then clinics administration communicate with the ambulance to be transferred to the nearest hospital.
Nutrition Services

At Riyadh Elm University, there are 2 cafeterias in places serving students and all university employees on the ground floor with the availability of a dining hall that includes tables and chairs.
  1. Food House Cafeteria (Dar Alatema)
  2. Layal Cafeteria
  3. Delivery according to students desire
The university administration performs a supervisory and educational role by conducting daily supervisory tours to all food service delivery sites in order to produce high quality and safety meals. In the event that any violation is discovered beyond the control of the administration, the complaint will be received and appropriate action taken. The General Administration of Nutrition provides hospitality to university employees by contracting with contractors specialized contractors in organizing conferences and seminars by providing lists of different levels according to the desire of the employees. As for the educational role, it is carried out by reviving the international awareness days related to food, through extracurricular activities for students. The feedback of students and university employees about the meals presented are taken through a questionnaire sent to everyone to measure their satisfaction or if they want to change meals.



Student activity clubs are considered an important forum for discovering and developing talents, encourage innovation and creativity among students, as it contributes to uncovering students’ talents, developing them, develop personality and encourage them to be creative and innovative in various fields.


A positive educational environment that has a positive impact on refining students ’personality and employing it in fruitful and beneficial works, in addition to student partnership to build personal, professional and leadership skills and develop their creative capabilities to be in the forefront of educational institutions at the local, regional, and global level.


Commitment in providing student activities which in turn contribute to building an integrated educational environment for academic achievement, training, developing dialogue skills, learning methods, distinction, creativity, participation in decision-making, teamwork, community service, and practicing various cultural, social, sports and artistic activities.


2.Equal opportunity
4.Creativity and innovation
5.Participation and teamwork

Tasks of Student Activities Committee

  1. Organizing and participating in social, cultural and sports activities.
  2. Selecting student activity representatives and coordinating activity programs for lectures, seminars, and the like.
  3. Coordinating activities and setting deadlines in a manner suitable for male and female students.
  4. Supervising the celebrations of the various university events related to student activities.
  5. Coordination with facilities deanship and representatives of the activity regarding student activities.
  6. Developing a plan for student activities for the academic year and proposing the required budget.
  7. Prepare a quarterly report on student activities and submit it to the University President and Deans of Faculties.

Students Clubs, Cultural and Art, Talent Club

Encouraging students to learn about culture and to refine their talents in poetry, literature, story, Arabic calligraphy, painting, sculpture and many other fields. The club also seeks to preserve the lofty habits and traditions that protect preserve heritage and build an effective work team that develops the technical aspect by coordinating artistic events.


Community Service Club

Raising awareness of the importance of volunteer work for students, the university and the community, finding modern ideas and actions for volunteer work, spreading the culture of volunteer work, and developing a sense of responsibility towards society and the country. The Community Service Club also does World Health Days and supports, promotes and consolidates healthy behaviors, and increases health awareness for students.

Sports Club

The sports club instills sportsmanship and social awareness among university students, and contributes to raising the level of physical and physiological competencies and self-control and emotions.


Media Club

It provides media coverage for all university events, introduces the various events and activities of the university in various social media,and contributes to supporting the university magazine.




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Dean of Student Affairs

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Dr. Asma Al Meslet

Vice Dean of Student Affairs

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Head of Student Activities

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