The symposium began with the earnest remark of the respected Rector, Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani to everyone and with an overwhelming congratulation as well for the accomplishment of the past semester. Taking the opportunity, he also congratulated those promoted faculties and the new modifications in accordance to the Pharmacy program and curriculum through the great efforts of its administration and with the valuable assistance and support of the Dean of the Admission and Registration.

Moreover, he highlighted the changes made to the calendar schedule of activities in which there are advancements need to be fitted to the schedule of the Ministry of Education schedule, specifically the graduation date, the examination, the Ramadan vacation, the summer semester and the end of the academic year vacation.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, subsequently gave his inspirational message. He said that the respect of the quality and its continuous building of its product is a good timing to thank everyone as it has already on its 86th symposium which is already a long time period. He feels proud every time he is signing a paper of promotion because of the quality of the research and the efforts done which in fact proves the quality of the university which builds its own staff to be promoted and which gives credit among private universities. He added, being an early starter of the postgraduate program and paying a lot of attention to research helps to achieve promotions, for these two are connected to each other and there will be no good quality of research without having postgraduates – the young graduates who work with their seniors to improve the quality of a research. Then, he emphasized his main points which were the social services and consultation. These two will serve the University for the Community to be aware that it gives more care for the students by guiding, encouraging and creating management through changing the way of teaching. They need to give time to listen to the students and do advising before and after teaching. By the end of his message, he mentioned the two programs, the One-Year Clinical Attachment and the Internship Program which in accordance to the said main points.

Right after his message, the update of the Quality Assurance Accreditation Center was cited through a PowerPoint presentation by its Director, Prof. Mohammad Al Omari. The said presentation was all about the remarks of the site visit of the continuous accreditation wherein he highlighted the recommendation which should be minimized as much as possible, the commendation which should be maximized, some suggestions which are not compulsory and the conditions which should be given attention to be done. From all of these, he furthered that there should be action plans.

It was followed by the Director of Research Center/QA Core Committee Member, Prof. Ashraf Kamel who conveyed his report in detailed – their mission, vision and objectives, the online portal upgrade, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), enhancing research (restructuring, publications, lab facilities, workshops and seminars and the policy and guidelines) within REU, the collaboration (site visits) and its future in which he and his team are positive about its success.

Then, Dr. Sarah Mubaraki, Director of Admission and Registration Office discussed the preparation for the second semester. In this, she tackled the good progress of the admission, the readiness of the student’s registration which regards to the adding and dropping by of the student through its e-gate and attendance automatic updating, and lastly the E-Learning availability which is updating its gradebook and common mistakes.

Afterwards, discussion and forum of the faculty and other colleagues proceeded. The correspondent gave their vital comments and intuitions.

The Vice-Rector, Dr. Mansour Assery closed the symposium.