About College of Nursing

The College of Nursing was established at 2010, and its considered one the fastest growing college and program at Riyadh Elm University.

The College offers a 5-year Bachelorette program which consists of theory and clinical parts, in addition to a 12 month internship period. In the start the college was growing steadily, but the COVID-19 pandemic proved to the world the dire need for professional well-trained nurses, this pushed the program to an exponential growth by increasing the application to the Nursing program. The Administration in owe with the 2030 vison, has given the program development its highest support by increasing the lecture halls and providing the best high fidelity simulator laboratories, that provide the best skills training in the safety of the laboratories before the actual clinical training with true patients.

Furthermore, the College is in constant process of attracting highly professional faculty to teach the students and provide the uttermost teaching experience for our students.

Scientific research and community services are considered the pillars of the college after providing a professional education to our students and graduating competent highly trained nurses. Where all faculty and students are encouraged to provide well-structured community services and conduct viable scientific research.


  • Prepare nurse graduates to provide competent, safe, ethical, evidence-based, patient-centered care that reveals critical thinking and inter-professional partnership.
  • Merge up-to-date knowledge and technology to enrich clinical decision making for quality patient-centered care in a multiplicity of health care settings.
  • Afford an educational environment that will enhance personal growth and professional development through lifelong learning, and specialization within graduates chosen career path
  • Devote to the nursing profession, nationally and internationally, by engaging in leadership, and scholar activities.
  • Promote faculty and graduates contribution in scientific research initiatives and activities relating to the promotion of health of individuals, families, and society.

Our Mission

Effective education and training with an active contribution to nursing scientific knowledge, research, serving individuals, families, and communities.

Our vision

To become a preeminent Nursing educational institution locally, regionally, and internationally.

Knowledge and Understanding


Synthesize knowledge from humanities, arts and sciences to provide competent and caring nursing practice.


Recognize the unique psychosocial, physical, and cultural attributes of wellness and illness throughout lifespan.


Integrate comprehensive knowledge of best nursing practices in specialized areas of health promotion and disease prevention.



Apply clinical reasoning and critical thinking to endorse a culture of safety and prevent risk of harm to populations, families, colleagues, and the community.


Integrate the use of technology and information systems to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and to support decision making for safe nursing practice.


Engage in high quality, evidence based and safe health care practices with individuals, families and populations.


Demonstrate effective communication with patients, families, and colleagues by fostering mutual respect and shared decision making to enhance knowledge, experience, and health outcomes.


Apply research outcomes and health quality data to provide evidence-based nursing practice and improve health in community.


Demonstrate competence in providing patient-centered holistic, compassionate, respectful care of patients, families, and communities that is culturally appropriate and in compliance with professional standards.

Values, Autonomy, and Responsibility


Commit to accountability as a life-long learner for the delivery of evidence-based nursing care consistent with ethical, moral, humanistic, legal, and regulatory principles.


Collaborate with members of inter-professional team in a way that will contribute to establish and achieve the shared goals through accountability and influence.

  1. Have a sense of responsibility and accountability
  2. Skillful
  3. Competent, professional nurse
  4. Knowledge in nursing topics and new technology
  5. Compassionate and honest
  6. Able to communicate effectively

Dean’s Message

I would like to welcome all our new applicants and whoever is interested in our magnificent program. As its known, the Saudi 2030 vision is dedicated to Nursing and its empowerment, in addition to the recent COVID-19 pandemic proved is importance.

Our College provides an excellent community to grow and explore all your interests and also your hobbies. We provide a state of the art IT facilities and Medical Simulators to assess in the gaining and retaining of knowledge. Also, our training at excellent institutions equips our graduates with all the psychomotor attributes to excel and succeed in their professional life.

Additionally, we as an institution provide a wide array of activities which provides an atmosphere for both personal and professional growth.

Dr. Tahani Mohammad Al Rahbeni

Degrees Offered