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  • 15 Apr
    Classes Resume (after Eid Al‐Fitr Holiday)
    15 Apr 2024
  • 24 Apr
    Replacement Exam for Mid Semester Assessment (all levels, all programs)
    24 Apr 2024
  • 27 Apr
    15TH Research Day
    27 Apr 2024

College of Medicine and Dentistry offers bachelor programs in Dentistry that span the period of six years programs, and a one-year Internship that presents a stimulating and enjoyable program to develop knowledge, skills, and values, producing life-long learners.

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery Program was approved by the Education Minister in 1422 H – 2002 G.

The Program Curriculum includes 212 credit hours, distributed on 12 Levels.

The curriculum of Dentistry programs provide students with Lectures, Labs, Seminars, and Clinical Training, with an emphasis on prevention of diseases, to produce a well rounded graduate to play a main role in the Society of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. REU Alumni are also aware of the importance of research and its role in the development of the body of knowledge.

The curriculum enjoys a balance of problem-based, self directed, traditional and hands-on learning approaches with early exposure of students to clinical dental practice. The curriculum provides students with a broad dental education that encourages continual professional development and produces graduates that are well-rounded, thinking and mature clinicians.

Future Careers:

  1. Dental Practice
  2. Educational Practice
  3. Insurance Companies
  4. Healthcare Administration
  5. Healthcare Bussiness
  6. Postgraduate Studies (Board/ Masters/Doctorate/PhD)
  7. Healthcare Quality
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