The 3rd summer research program (formerly summer research school) steered the last activity on Saturday 11th of July 2020. It was a seven-week activity program, started last May 31 to July 09, 2020. It was collaborated with IADR Saudi Arabia.

A brief history of summer research program; on its 1st SRP there were 61 participants who came from different universities and colleges of KSA. On the 2nd SRP, there were 128 participants from different regions & different prestigious colleges and universities. On the 3rd SRP, we proudly announced that we had 161 participants from 19 colleges and universities of the entire kingdom. It is open to all (dental, health practitioners, students, interns and postgrad) during summer season from May to July (every Mondays and Wednesdays). It was founded by Dean Tahani Alrahbeni then established under her directorship. The program started in 2018 together with her committee.

Induction of the participants with the fundamental concepts of research, familiarizing them with the scientific research writing & ethical considerations in conducting scientific research. These were just some of the highlighted objectives of the program.

The seven-week-activity was composed of lectures, didactic, hands-on application, questions and answers, research projects, feedbacks about the program including the satisfaction survey for the supervisors. The last part of the program activity is the poster competition and awarding ceremony.

The concluded 3rd summer research program has launched a new setting, a way different from the previous 1st and 2nd amidst the Covid19 pandemic & for everyone’s safety. It was conducted on-line through ZOOM App that brought up a very successful activity & interaction among members. No need for a “face to face” attendance to follow the MOH protocols & precautionary measures.

The poster competition held last 9th of July, 41 groups with 41 posters were participated. And out of 41, only 5 were chosen to compete for the second round on the final ceremony. During the final ceremony respected Dr. Mansour Assery the vice rector, Dr. Omar AlKhadi the dean of Postgrad and Dr. Deema Alshammery the president of IADR welcomed and gave their inspirational messages to all. Two external judges were invited from King Saud University and King Abdulaziz University and 5 judges from Riyadh Elm University, 3 posters were given an award for the student’s choice award (1st, 2nd and 3rd winner) and finally the major award from the 5 chosen posters were announced the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner.

Almost 300 people from different regions were able to participate. The collected data, feedbacks & surveys were absolute proofs that the program was a great success.

The summer research director, Dean Tahani has expressed her gratitude most of all to the chairman of the board of trustees Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery for his guidance, brilliant ideas and suggestions for the welfare and success of the program. Great gratitude was given to Dr. Fahad Al Shammery and his IT team, Course Event, 38 supervisors and the SRP team Dr. Deema Al Shammery, Dr. Omar Alkadhi, Dr. Sultan Bin Alrimal and Ms. Marietta Sorbito.