Prof. Ashraf Kamel the director of research center started the workshop activity by giving information about the new system in the research center portal he gave a brief introduction and he mentioned that the lectures have two parts; 1st is all about the IT support and the 2nd part is about the system and guidelines. To elaborate more in discussion Dr. Ahmed Assari was assisted and supported him, he discussed the step by step on how to apply or submit a research proposal in the new system. He gave an overview of the new system. He discussed the following points: The IRP registration approval will depend on the three categories, time frame processing of review and approval, number of research to be accepted, external research proposal, all forms requirements are available in system, mobile application and very easy to use. He also noted that when applying the proposal in the system it will not accept if you miss or skip any information in the box. One important note had mentioned also there is no research being done without REU supervisor or co-supervisor.

The 2nd topic discussed by Dr. Omar Alkadhi was about predatory journals. He defined what predatory journal was all about. He gave us points and helpful tools “Think, Check and Submit” one of the steps on how to avoid publishing in predatory journals, what are the common signs of the predatory journal? How to choose the journals? And Indexing.

An active contribution to scientific research is one of the visions of REU. We can provide a good quality of research projects by following the guidelines of the research center.

The last part of the workshop ended by questions and answers where many of participants were asking questions, suggestions and comments.

The recent 2nd QAAC workshop has gone positively as of 111 active participants attended.