June, 2022 - Riyadh Elm University

Trends in Endodontics

The “Trends in Endodontics Course” was successfully launched last June 17-18, 2022 under the leadership of Dr. Musaed Al Tammami, Course Director, the 2-days workshop was held at Riyadh Elm University. The new era in Endodontics focused on the new technologies and materials of root canal treatment which at the same time maintaining maximal tooth structure.

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Pain Management – Non Pharmacological Therapy

The “Pain Management –Non Pharmacological Therapy” course was successfully conducted last June 11, 2022 via Zoom Webinar. It was presented by the Course Director, Dr. T.S. Mohamed Saleem, Assistant Professor in Pharmacology at Riyadh Elm University, College of Pharmacy. Dr. Hana AlKhabbaz, Dean, College of Pharmacy was very supportive and enthusiastically initiated the course to

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13th SDV for Dentistry

Last Saturday, February 19, 2022, 13th Smile Design and Veneers was conducted and held at Riyadh  Elm  University  (REU),  An  Namuthajiyah Campus. It has 6 CME accredited hours at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and attended by 67 participants who occupied the full capacity of sold-out seats. Attendees were Postgraduate, Dentists, Interns, and Students

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