January, 2022 - Riyadh Elm University

Preparation of the Second Semester of the Present Academic Year was Thoroughly Discussed in the REU 94th Quality Assurance Virtual Symposium

Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, the University President, began welcoming and extending his sincere acknowledgement to everyone for accomplishment of the first semester. Additionally, he acknowledged as well the dean of Admission and Registration and her team for their great and untiring efforts in finalizing the preparation of the second semester. Then, he welcomed the new

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Dentistry Postgraduate Students were Stunning in their Multidisciplinary Seminar Presentations at Ending Months of the Semester

As the semester ends, the dentistry postgraduate students have shown their remarkable capability in their Multidisciplinary Seminar November and December sessions. Their presentations went on essentially and successfully according to the following schedules: In the Month of November were: First week, (Nov 7), “Proximal Enamel Thickness “, presented by Dr. Noura Khalid Mohammad AlWatban (Pedo),

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