November, 2018 - Riyadh Elm University

Multidisciplinary Seminar Presentations Progressing in November 2018

Multidisciplinary Seminar in the month of November ongoing on its progress. Productively, presenters were giving their bests to bring out the following topics: First week, November 4, were “Focal Infection Theory: Debate in Dentistry”, presented by Dr. Abdulaziz Sarhan Alshammari (Perio), under supervision of Prof. Sanaa Shafshak, “Overview of Contemporary Luting Agents and Clinical Relevance”

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Multidisciplinary Seminar Presentations in October 2018

Multidisciplinary Seminar in the month of October, held in Riyadh Elm University (REU) continued on its numerous presentations: In its first week, October 7, 2018 were “Magnification Assisted Dentistry”, presented by Hala Nafiz Almoqayyad – Endodontic, supervised by Dr. Ammar Abu Mostafa, “Validity of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in Endodontic-Prosthodontic Lesions”, presented by Dr. Fawaz

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