The 1st QAAC workshop conducted for this semester academic year 2019-2020 held last Thursday on September 12, 2019. Two valuable and informative topics were presented by Dr. Tahani Alrahbeni, head of SDU and Mr. Walid Ali, HR officer.

Dr. Tahani Alrahbeni began the workshop by reporting about the SDU activities done last Academic Year 2018-2019. In her report the concluded 2nd summer research school was a tremendous success. It was attended by 128 participants from different colleges and universities. She also gave thanks and acknowledged the speakers, supervisors, judges and all people who were involved in this project. She is looking forward for another successful 3rd summer research school next year.

The next topic was discussed by Mr. Walid Ali regarding the MENAME system which implemented by the HR department and REU administrator. This system is electronic where all our HR concerned will be in this system. It has to be a mandatory in accordance of administrative policy.

108 active participants attended in this workshop.