The 12th Smile Design and Veneers continuously thrive in its second time activity amidst COVID-19 which was conducted last Saturday, October 2, 2021, held at Riyadh Elm University (REU), An Namuthajiyah Campus. The course has 7 CME accredited hours at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and was attended by 60 participants who occupied the full capacity of sold-out seats. Attendees were Dentists, Interns, and Students of which 50% were from REU University, while the rest were from other Universities, MOH, and private institutions.

The workshop highlights training to general dental practitioners and senior dental students on knowledge and skills in esthetic smile analysis and laminate veneer restorations. It is designed for a full-day scientific activity of didactic and hands-on practical sessions with a comprehensive course covering the smile analysis and design an esthetic treatment plan, familiarize with and able to practice different veneer preparation designs on plastic jaw models, esthetic temporization in different techniques, direct composite veneer restorations, and detailed bonding procedures and cementation techniques.

Moreover, the course was really engaging aside from hands-on activity, a quiz was given of which 20 participants who got the perfect score whom Dr. Mohammed Hussin Alasmari won the prize through random selection. Three (3) phantom labs were fully utilized during the hands-on activity which was supervised by seven (7) instructors, headed by the Course Director, Dr. Emad Alhazzani.

Conclusively, the 12th SDV course was successfully ended in cooperation with Continuing Education Center (CEC) and Number of Days (ND) where participants, speakers, instructors, and organizers received the certificate of attendance and recognition.